Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Summer Camp

Today was yet another delightful experience volunteering at Hearts Therapeutic Equestrian Center.  Today was especially empowering because I had the unique opportunity to observe our younger generation volunteering and mentoring students at summer camp!  I typically volunteer with the Horses for Heroes program on Wednesday's, however, it has been moved to another time to accommodate the busy summer schedule.

As always, with summer comes trusty old summer camps and all the chaos, fun, and camaraderie along with it.  Hearts Summer Horse Experience is in full swing and brought back fond memories of the old Raintree Ranch Summer Camp days. Hannah and I used to attend, work at, and then instruct Raintree Summer Camps.  I fondly remember being impressed by our instructors and then impressing upon the next generation of students the same knowledge and experience that had been passed down to us. It reminded me of the evolution in which student becomes teacher and how quintessential it is to instruct our students with the same passion and knowledge that we hope for them to pass on someday.

That is why today was so special for me; I was able to see the same camaraderie, mentoring, and edification that I found to be such a valuable experience growing up.  I was thoroughly impressed with our local youth who volunteer at Hearts today.  Their commitment to improving both themselves and the campers socially and morally is something to be admired.


Devon P. Sachey

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