Monday, October 28, 2013

The Barn

"A barn is a sanctuary in an unsettled world, a sheltered place where life’s true priorities are clear. When you take a step back, it’s not just about horses — its about love, life, and learning." 

Lauren Davis Barker

A Life Dedicated to Service

Sgt. Bradley Currey always has the best stories of his time in the Army as an Infantryman and Military Police Officer during World War II. 

Brad has been riding at Hearts Therapeutic Equestrian Center in the Horses to Heroes program long before I began volunteering. He is a total cowboy when it comes to riding and always eagerly awaits his horse. While riding he tells his horse leader and side walkers stories of removing weapons from the insurgents during World War II and his time in the Air Force with his brother, and how he taught French in Japan.

After his ride, Brad serenades us with his air guitar (also known as his cane) while observing the next group of horses and riders get ready for their lesson. All with a handsome smile and glimmers of his amazing strength as a G.I. Brad easily puts a smile on the faces of those around him by reminiscing of the simple days.  
In addition to his military service, Brad was a local school teacher for roughly 33 years. He proudly tells us of the generations of families he has taught.

Mr. Currey is a prime example of dedication to service. While his time in the Army and Air Force was short (approximately five years), he thrives from the life experiences, camaraderie, and discipline he encountered in the service- still to this very day. He literally lives to tell his tale to anyone open to hearing it. 

This is what Bardsley Products, Inc. is about. We want to foster a culture of Dedication to Service in all areas of our community and organization. Is there a Bradly Currey in your life or community that makes the world a better place? Or perhaps someone that you admire and inspires you to be a better person and serve those around you. 

I invite you to tell us of those that inspire you, that are an example of dedication to service. What are the characteristics that epitomize devotion to service? And how would you emulate these characteristics to better serve your community? 


Devon P. Sachey
Bardsley Products, Inc.

Photo: Today was another spectacular volunteer day at Hearts Theraputic! Sgt. Bradley Currey always has the best stories of his time in the Army as an Infantryman during World War II.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013


A child's love is pure and innocent. 
A horse's love is loyal and forgiving. 
The love between child and horse is tender devotion. 
Love with benevolence, and be loved with reverence.   

Devon Sachey
Bardsley Products, Inc.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Coming Full Circle, From Benefactor to Beneficiary

I have had the distinct pleasure to serve on the "Gene Team" every Wednesday at Hearts Therapeutic Adaptive Riding Center.  Gene rides in the Horses to Heroes group and accompanies two WWII Veterans, Brad and Chris.  Just like these veterans, her strength is something to be admired.  

Each Wednesday, I remind Gene how strong she is and how much her strength inspires me.  Without fail she responds with "good!" or "I don't feel very strong".    To which I reply, "Gene, you are on a horse!  That takes STRENGTH!!"  This amazing woman is in a wheelchair with severely diminished physical mobility.  While she requires a team of volunteers to mount, dismount, and support her during rides, she successfully and confidently rides Buddy with a commanding presence.  

Gene and her late husband have been long time supporters of Hearts and dedicated equestrians for many years.  Now, years later and still just as devoted, Gene benefits from this program through its physical therapy and companionship with her Fine Equine, Buddy.

I began volunteering with Hearts as a way for Bardsley to give back to our local community.  While it is our social responsibility to give back, I must admit that I had been searching for a means to participate in Equine Therapy for Veterans for several years.  The culmination of horses and veterans was a perfect melody of my two very near and dear passions.  Last year Hannah and I decided that Bardsley Products was missing something that made us whole as a company.  Light bulb.... Hearts volunteer orientation, here I come! 

Long story short and almost a year later, I have come to realize that Hearts not only was that missing piece for Bardsley Products, but for myself as well.  I feel tremendous gratitude for the life experience this opportunity has taught me.  To all the horses, riders, veterans, volunteers, staff, and devoted supporters of Hearts Therapeutic Adaptive Riding Center; CHEERS!  You embody the compassion and love this world thrives on and I thank you.


Devon Sachey
Bardsley Products, Inc.

The Gene Team, from left to right, Devon, Gene, Buddy, Anne, C.J.

Jean in chair feeding Buddy
Gene and her companion Buddy bonding over post-ride treats, with the help of volunteer, C.J.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Summer Camp

Today was yet another delightful experience volunteering at Hearts Therapeutic Equestrian Center.  Today was especially empowering because I had the unique opportunity to observe our younger generation volunteering and mentoring students at summer camp!  I typically volunteer with the Horses for Heroes program on Wednesday's, however, it has been moved to another time to accommodate the busy summer schedule.

As always, with summer comes trusty old summer camps and all the chaos, fun, and camaraderie along with it.  Hearts Summer Horse Experience is in full swing and brought back fond memories of the old Raintree Ranch Summer Camp days. Hannah and I used to attend, work at, and then instruct Raintree Summer Camps.  I fondly remember being impressed by our instructors and then impressing upon the next generation of students the same knowledge and experience that had been passed down to us. It reminded me of the evolution in which student becomes teacher and how quintessential it is to instruct our students with the same passion and knowledge that we hope for them to pass on someday.

That is why today was so special for me; I was able to see the same camaraderie, mentoring, and edification that I found to be such a valuable experience growing up.  I was thoroughly impressed with our local youth who volunteer at Hearts today.  Their commitment to improving both themselves and the campers socially and morally is something to be admired.


Devon P. Sachey