Friday, June 21, 2013

Welcome to Bardsley Products Everyone!

Bardsley Products, Inc. is a locally and passionately owned company in Santa Barbara, CA. We pride ourselves in our unique equine grooming products made from pure essential plant oils and natural botanicals. Our products are made 100% in the U.S., cruelty-free, and competitively priced. Bardsley’s exceptional quality products range from Whitening Shampoo for horses of a Paler Hue, to an Emollient Conditioner, specially formulated for cold water. 

We are inherently passionate about horses, but equally passionate about our social responsibility to give back to the local community and continue to grow in an environmentally conscious manner. Our initiatives include using carbon neutral shipping as well as recycled packaging materials in every shipped order.  We are also pursuing Bardsley’s goal to reduce our carbon footprint by manufacturing products in unique, reusable packaging using 70% less plastic.  In addition to our environmental initiatives, we support and volunteer weekly with the local Equine Therapeutic Riding Center as well as our Local Pony Club.

Simply put, we strive to make our horses and environment happy and healthy.   

To find out more about Bardsley’s products and our team, visit our website at and be a part of our story by following us on Facebook at